Best Local Music of 2020

by Jeff Maisey | Dec 12, 2020 | FeaturedMusicMusic News

Music Video of the Year

K’Bana Blaq ft. Mona J, “Blackness”



Honorable Mentions:

Magg Dylan, “Delusional”

Runnin’ Shine, “The Way You Need Me” 

Bennett Wales & The Relief, “The War”

Carlos Armon, “Alright”

RunitupTahj, “Hit Yo Groove”

OK Mayday, “Blossoms”

Norfolk Nightmares, “Second Time Around”

Court Street Company, “In the Street”

Bennett Wales & The Relief, “Hey Otto”

Derek 32Zero, “He Doesn’t Care”

K’Bana Blaq, “Warrior”

The Purge, “Carried Away”

Carlos Armon, “Dreams”

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Best Metal

Magg Dylan: Release the edgy music video for “Delusional”


Honorable Mentions:


The New Mutiny

I Like Loathing

Beggar’s Row

Thank you so much to Veer Magazine and everyone that has supported and requested, loved, and liked our album!!! It's a great honor to see our name with so many great artists and bands!!! We can't wait to show you what 2021 has in store for you all!!! ~Magg Dylan

The band will release their new full-length album entitled Amethyst on February 21, 2020 via Eclipse Records. The
album was produced by Jonathan Dolese and Bruce Jordan. Pre-order or pre-save the new full-length album Amethyst
at this location.
Amethyst features ten alternative metal anthems which showcase the band's emotional raw energy. Highlights on the
album include "Scarz" which was written about singer Suzanne's personal experiences with bullying during her
childhood, and as an adult in the personal fitness, and music industries. "Naked Alone In the Tub" was the most difficult
song for Suzanne to release, as she didn’t want to share some of the darkest moments of her life as the lyrics talk about
depression after life hands you a series of overwhelming blows. The third single from the album "Delusional" which goes
in-depth about singer Suzanne's past battle with alcoholism and her path to recovery. This band has been through a lot
over the years, and their songs reflect the struggles, defeats, and triumphs which have given this album a life of its own!
Pre-order the album on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and stream the singles via Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora,
YouTube, and more at
For more information on Magg Dylan, please visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or Eclipse Records, and follow
them on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer
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Magg Dylan ~ Amethyst

The band hails from Virginia Beach, VA and dropped their debut album early in 2020. The album draws from personal experiences from band members dealing with personal issues that are not always easy to open up about. We're talking subject matter dealing with addictions, bullying, and bad relationships. Songwriting can be therapeutic for many writers and channeling those hardships into song can be beneficial for the writer but can also help listeners who may be going through similar situations. Lead vocalist Suzanne De Iulio has a powerful voice that commands your attention. Her delivery really drives home the emotional aspect of these songs. The band knows when to hit throttle and when to ease up, thus showing off their own diverse range. This album was definite one that took us by surprise this year!

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