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PAWNSMagg Dylan
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January 26, 2020|Album/Single Reviews


Hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Magg Dylan are about to release their debut album, Amethyst via Eclipse Records on February 21, 2020. What you can expect from Magg Dylan is music filled with emotion and power based all on personal experiences from each of its members. All of them have dealt with addictions, bullying, and bad relationships, respectively. 

They have drawn from such experiences and have channeled it all into ten beautifully crafted anthems that will strike a chord with anyone who can relate. 

Going right for the throat, the album opens with ‘Delusional.” This very heavy track details the battles with addiction and fighting to make the road to recovery. Vocalist Suzanne De Iulio has an incredible voice that is hauntingly beautiful and powerful. Great way to open the album. 

Following that up is the more straight forward rocker, “Tearz.” Killer opening riffs from lead guitarist, Bruicifer lead the way for the rhythm section of DC (bass) and AJ (drums) to lay down a thick groove foundation. 

Touching on the topic of bullying is the infectious and anthemic, “Scarz.” Suzanne’s vocals really shine on this track and she transitions from rhythmic speaking to melodic and soaring vocals in the chorus. 


“Naked in the Tub” switches gears and downshifts the tempo of the album. Coming across as more of a ballad, the track is a moody and haunting telling of living with depression when life just can’t seem to cut you a break. This one has radio hit written all over it, if it gets in the right hands.


“Crawl” and “Sadness” are a pair of tracks that most definitely show off the band’s more aggressive side. Shades of New Years Day and Flyleaf come to mind. 

Amethyst comes to a close with “Rare Breed.” The band truly lays everything on the table by the time the track is finished. Driving rhythms, monster groove, and aggression tinged vocals make this track not only the perfect swan song, but also my personal favorite track on the album. 

We’re just barely getting started in 2020, and it has already proven to be a stellar year for modern hard rock music. Magg Dylan is a very welcome surprise to the rock community and their debut album is sure to be one of the big sleeper hits of the year. When February 21st rolls around, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy of Amethyst. 

Rating: 8.5/10 Stars

I’m Music Magazine Writer Jason "Supes" Mesa


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